“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” ~ Audrey Hepburn

I believe in a better tomorrow, that I will not be the same tomorrow as I am today.  As I learn more of the world around me and have been learning about self-awareness of my own actions, I have discovered that plastic bothers me, really bothers me. A quick google brings article after article up about the damage to the environment caused by the use of plastic.  From how much oil (an environmental issue on its own merits) is used to create plastic, how much water goes into producing plastic – some ratios have 1.6 litres of water to create a water bottle, not including the water in it, to its impact on our health, specifically hormones, and that when it’s recycled it can only become smaller pieces and most ends up in our oceans, creating a plastic soup.  This bothers me the most.

I want to become part of the group rejecting plastic – yes I am typing this on a laptop containing plastic, I appreciate the irony, and living a sustainable life.  My goal by 31 December 2017 is to have a plastic free, carbon neutral Christmas. This coming year I want to learn about bulk buying, research NZ made products, find (craft) retailers that have plastic free packaging, alternatives to plastic (think glad wrap) and I also hope to attend a sustainability workshop.  I believe going plastic free will create some amazing changes in our Ardent household.  Good bye liquid soaps and shampoos, hello nuts and solid bars!

They say one person can’t save the world, together, our actions will.

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