The First Of Many

Greetings and welcome,

2016 was a year of self awareness for me.  I worked on me.  I got a bit fitter. I learned new skills. I worked on my bad habits.  I started to fix my hurts.

From that I learned my actions did not match my values.  I want to live my values.  They’re good values and yet I was letting myself down.  When working on me and fixing my hurts I discovered I am trapped in a toxic mindset and as a result, I discovered I am not a great person, the toxicity has spread from my mind and into my actions, interactions and beyond.  Now I know the cause of my problems and not so flash hot actions, I started taking action, practising mindfulness, self-awareness and R.A.I.N.

I also learned what was important to me, what I wanted to go out and fight for – the battle against plastic.  Plastic is one of, if not thee worst, create to impact our environment.  While plastic can be recyclable, it is only recyclable until a certain point.  The pieces get smaller and smaller, the majority flushed out to see in run off, storm water, sewerage and littering. Plastic is turning our oceans into a soup. It really hits me. My turning point in my resolve against plastic was seeing the documentary Trashed with Jeremy Irons.  Not many viewings on TV get me crying, this did. It really moved me to take action.  We started with simply recycling, we voted on our council’s draft annual plan to promote recycling and I began researching sustainability.

With the habit of recycling under way it is now time to go plastic free and lead a more sustainable, happier and healthier life,

Lynda x


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