The Last Shop

Today I have completed my last shop for 2016 and I was totally unprepared for facing the supermarket staple that is plastic.

I thought it would be straight forward to navigate and find plastic packaged alternatives… I first failed in produce – stickers on apples and bananas…. why they are on there, I do not know. I just should not have got the apples or bananas and that would have solve my problem, but I panicked.  I am a panicker and do stupid stuff when I’m caught out.

My next problem was toilet paper, on this I thought I had done my homework to source toilet paper in a cardboard box – 100% recyclable and plastic free from Greencane – I got the store wrong.  You can find a list of stockists here or you can also order direct.  I panicked again and as we need loo roll, I got plastic wrapped.

A lot of lessons learned in this shop.  Positives – I felt really comfortable plopping a cardboard box in my trolley and using that for my produce. No matter how odd I looked and I am getting so good and remembering my reusable burlap bags – $0.05 rebate for every bag used!

Happy New Year everyone, here’s to a plastic free 2017


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