Plastic Bread tags

I hate plastic bread tags, they get left everywhere and I am super paranoid the child thing will eat them. Forever getting left on a bench and not in the recycle bin, once off they’re never used again. I am passionately against them.

So the alternative – make ones own bread – yummy, delicious and fresh and super bonus, I bought new yeast – thinking we were out – we weren’t but I did discover that the new yeast is 100% yeast and the old jar was 50% plus additives, wheat, emulsifiers – totally unnecessary.

Unfortunately, the milk and yeast I used – came in plastic jars – I don’t feel particularly victorious against plastic today, I do however feel successful in that the bread is yummy, the whole family eats it, it didn’t like long and the recipe transfers into bread rolls and scrolls.

Finding milk in glass bottles is going to be tricky – it is not something I want to cut out of our toddler’s diet and milk powder is not a suitable substitute for her either.

Recipe is by Alison and Simon Holst – you can get the book here.  Their website has loads of other yummy recipes too.


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