The first 11 days… Rubbish week 2

Our first rubbish collection of the year was 2 bags.  All our fault.  Additional people and a lack of recycling.

This week we have cut that down to half a bag.  Less recycling too as we have lessened our plastic purchases.

We have made several loaves and rolls of bread, made our own spreadable butter by whipping blocked butter with olive oil – salt to taste, and lastly ginger beer and chips (crisps), our two junk food addictions we are trying to kick.  So in order to keep having them we have to find alternatives.  We also have a love of craft chocolate and because at its core, craft chocolate is a sustainable product, most bars have fully recyclable packaging.

My mistakes recently were having coffee in a takeaway cup.  Takeaway cups are not always as the seem.  They aren’t made from recycled materials, they need to be virgin packaging, most of the paper cups are lined with plastic to keep it waterproof which also means the cardboard portion is no longer recyclable and then the lid… one time plastic.  To learn more, you can watch the BBC video with Hugh’s war on waste they also talk about the recycle symbol – it doesn’t always mean the product is recyclable! Marketing ploys earning their keep.

One company here in New Zealand is changing the takeaway cup situation – Z Energy – a fuel company has created compostable cups.  They are also working on bio fuel plants. And of course – make fantastic coffee.

Check out my helpful links page for the recipes mentioned in this entry.

Header image from BBC:


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