A trip away makes it hard to keep the plastic at bay…

In my short time of going plastic free, I can say we adjusting quite nicely and had become quite thoughtful with our purchases and impact on the environment… until we went away. 

We forgot our reusable bags, no drink bottles, eating on the road…. a bit disasterous really. 

We did go to a farmers market this morning but trying to get tabs on two other adults and a two year old, all necessary, made it rather difficult to fully experience the market. I will post details of the market when we return. 

The market had some fabulous produce, bakery goods, breads, spreads, plants, garden ornaments, furniture and beauty products. I picked up some deodorant. Sample sized in a plastic lip balm container. A bit of a win and a lose. No palm oil or aluminiums but plastic. 

I will definitely be returning to this once a month extravaganza. 

Learned a lot about our consumption on the road. Preparedness is very much the key. At least we have the return journey to learn from our mistakes. 


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