Beautiful Mt. Ruapehu – Our national park while on our road trip. 

Oceans aren’t the only environment currently polluted by human action. Our national parks, havens from the hustle and bustle of city life, technology and that which stifles the soul are not immune to human action, or in some cases inaction. 

Mt. Ruapehu home to our north island’s skiers and trampers, an all season out door hub for humans. Managed by local Iwi and Department of Conservation; this native playground is also a volcano and home to native fauna, flora and feathered friend. 

Attached to the Desert Road, our National Park is home to Kaimanawa horses, although not native to New Zealand, they have become our bronco, our mustang. 

National Park is that of extremes, desert, snow, volcanic activity, forest and wetland. A uniquely New Zealand setting that must be protected. Protected from what? Put simply, from us. 

Affected by climate change, we stand to lose our rareities unless we make change to our current behaviours. It is not just the oceans being consumed by plastic, if we are not careful with our outdoor playgrounds, we stand to lose them too. 

National Park brochure


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