Ugly Fruit

I am not perfect in my quest to be free of plastic – there are still some major failings and undertakings that need to be addressed (read potato chip addiction).  However, we are still succeeding.  Every piece of plastic I don’t bring home, doesn’t end up in landfills, waterways, oceans, stomachs, atmosphere….

While I may not have combated my potato chip addiction – which is marginally better than being addicted to cigarettes – I totally disagree with plastic packaging fruit and vegetables – seriously, why are all telegraph cucumbers plastic wrapped?

And now there is a thing called ugly fruit, the not so perfectly round or normally expected looking fruit and vege, these rejected items are apparently rejected due to customer demand.  With the increasing price of necessities, Countdown (Woolworths) supermarkets are now bringing in ugly fruit – bagged up – in plastic – ugly fruit. At a lower cost – Yippee! but you need to plastic wrap it? why? why does it need to be bagged? why does it need to be separated out from the unattainable perfectly round apple that has been sitting in the chiller since last autumn?

I am all for ugly fruit and lower prices and less food waste, I am, there are people out there who are grateful they can eat healthily for less, with saying that though yesterday’s potato chips were fancy and retail at $23 per kilo (some chocolate bars for example – $15-30 per kilo).  My nashi pears – sticker free – were $4.99 per kilo…

So, there is a second point in here too – don’t be fooled by the unit price.  Eating fresh and plastic free, is indeed better for your wallet and the environment.



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  1. Mick Canning says:

    Yup. I agree with all that.


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