I have met my stale mate, and she’s not perfect

I have taken some great steps to reduce my plastic consumption, however…. my homemade bread is made with yeast from a plastic container and milk powder from a foil plastic bag.

My stale mate – she is me, she is the afraid of taking action me, the introverted me, the I don’t want to create conflict or annoy you, me. She is my stale mate.  She takes over when I get stuck.

Believe it or not, as vocal as the world wide web allows my introverted self to be (thank goodness), when it comes to walking the walk stale mate likes to take over.

She is stopping me from stopping my milk purchases – we like our coffee with milk, while she has cut down bread bags and tags, we are up on plastic yeast containers.  She has only just allowed me the freedom to shop at CommonSense Organics.

I have my head in the ground about finding alternatives, I guess because, if I don’t find one then I don’t want it to derail our progress.  With the bread too, I last week put a shop plastic bagged loaf in the cart because I wanted some lighter bread, buns and wraps made it in this week’s shop because I wanted soft and luscious, not heavy and crumbly. Selfish? Yes, stale mate is.  She prevents me from doing many things, including putting my values first.

So, hear I am, stuck with stale mate.  If I can get around the milk powder bags and milk and yeast containers I would be just so thrilled.  Would you help me check this stale mate? I’d love to hear your alternatives



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