R & R Free Week

This week we managed to not put a single item out for kerbside collection.  There was not enough rubbish to put out and there wasn’t much recycling either.

I do think watching the rubbish trucks go past is a huge motivator.  They literally just throw your rubbish in the back, crush it and dump it.  They don’t go through and sort it. It is the equivalent of digging a hole in ones own back yard and burying rubbish in it.  Out of sight, out of mind.

One manufacturer helping us reduce our waste and what we put out for kerbside recycling is Green Cane.

Our packaging commitment is to be Plastic Free and 100% biodegradable. For our packaging we use a combination of cardboard and paper, and a clear cellophane which is a plant based material able to be commercially composited.

We’ve started with their toilet paper – the comfort is a wonderful feeling too.  Whatever did not end up in the toilet has ended up in our worm farm and compost bins.  It is more expensive than what we normally pay ( we got 4 rolls for $4.99 at CommonSense Organics vs. 12 rolls for $4.99 at New World) but we have found it lasts just as long.  Either we were wasteful before, more aware now, or it’s just a good product (my vote).

They deliver, have in store stockists (NZ, AUS & UK) and a wide range of products.  I’m looking forward to trying their Mixed box next – toilet rolls, paper towels and tissues.

Do you know of any waste free products that’s worth a shot?  I’d love to hear from you.


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