R & R Free Week

This week we managed to not put a single item out for kerbside collection.  There was not enough rubbish to put out and there wasn’t much recycling either. I do think watching the rubbish trucks go past is a huge motivator.  They literally just throw your rubbish in the back, crush it and dump it….

Recycling – does it help the environment?

Anything that can be adapted, given new life, new purpose, new form has got to be better for the environment. We all know the motto – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The most important bit is first – Reduce. Reduce being that, reduce your waste intake.  This includes food, non-recyclable materials and recyclable materials.  Surprised? Me too….

The first 11 days… Rubbish week 2

Our first rubbish collection of the year was 2 bags.  All our fault.  Additional people and a lack of recycling. This week we have cut that down to half a bag.  Less recycling too as we have lessened our plastic purchases. We have made several loaves and rolls of bread, made our own spreadable butter…